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16236 Villagarcía del Llano
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Traditional Vineyard

Vine growing

Total surface Vineyard: 1500.
Average Density Plantation: 1200 cepas/ha
Production Happens for hectare: 8000kg/ha
System of conduction: Principally the traditional cultura is used in glass, though the culture in espalier starts being important. Way of conduction provided with a system of empalizamiento to lead the vegetation in a more or less vertical direction. Its structure is formed, besides the trunk, by permanent cords pruned in thumbs or by rods of annual renovation, supported on a wire of formation. The culture in espalier is the most recent technology. One manages to diminish the costs and facilitates the mechanization.
Red varieties:

- Bobal: autochthonous Variety of the zone, of great potential. Rich in matters colourings, resistant to the drought of the of La Mancha summer and that produces a few wines of raised color, tánico and fruity. It gives good red wines and especially the pink some of great freshness, powerful and elegant.
-Tempranillo: Of great delicacy and very aromatic, the variety "tempranillo" is the star of the Spanish varieties of grape. The term "tempranillo" answers to the fact of which the grape of the above mentioned variety matures before that other varieties. It gives wines of great quality, balanced well and aromatic, of acidity and graduation you happen, little color, though very stable, with moderate fruit-bearing acidity, agreeable aromatic perspective (black plums, cherries, raspberries). Valuable especially in the young wines.
- Tintorera
- Syrah
- Cabernet Sauvignon