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16236 Villagarcía del Llano
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Vineyard Villagar, a decade elaborating a wine of ideal liquor


Warehouses Villagar goes from 1996 elaborating in its facilities a red mistela that noble variety of the region was born under Dulce Cien's name, from the careful selection of the grape centenary Bobal, obtaining this way a wine of ideal liquor to accompany appetizers, desserts and tablecloths. The vineyard of the warehouse in Villagarcía of the Plain (Cuenca), located in the heart of the Manchuela Conquense, consists in the main of red) vine-stocks of full Bobal of color and aroma, concentrated principally in the husk of the grain of grape. The secret and originality of this Castilla - of La Mancha company resides in that, once chosen the most mature grapes, they head them homogeneously with wine alcohol of the best quality that gives like proved a mixture in which the alcohol acts in the diffusion of all the tannins (compounds fenólicos) and antocianos (color) of Bobal's red grapes. With this maceration a rich wine of liquor obtains in matter colouring and tanicidad very softly, of deep aroma and very complex in mouth.

Dulce Cien constitutes a clear example of the innovation in the tradition and an honoring our terruño and our autochthonous variety, the Bobal. This wine presents an intense red color pillory with edges ruby, of high cap. In nose its is very flagrant, with light touches of cherries and black fruits in liquor. Already in the gustatory phase it is not not heavy at all like it might be any other wine of liquor) is sticky, long and complex in fruit-bearing aromas with good sensations in the time and very present and round tannins in mouth. For mentioning some of these benefits, of these compounds fenólicos that are extracted in the maceration of the grape by the alcohol, concretly the acids fenólicos, flavonoides and resveratrol, they have a great aptitude to protect the lipoproteínas LDL of the oxidation, that is to say they disable the bad cholesterol, which once rusty would pass to form a plate of ateroma in the wall of the arteries.