C/Extrarradio s/n,
16236 Villagarcía del Llano
Cuenca-España Tlf: 967 48 91 38
Who we are

Bodegas Villagar is in the centre os Spain, in VIllagarcía del Llano (Cuenca), just en the middle of Manchuela Conquense, near the natural reserve “Hoces del Gabriel”.

The cooperative was founded a log time ago, for more than fifty years, by 33 associates dedicated to cultivate grapevine, and now there already 400. These vinegrowers control more than 1500 has. of vineyard, supervised always by our tecnics. All of our associates have less than 10% of total production, so there little farms, about 2 has. that produce great quality grapes.

Today our commitment to organic cultivation is definitely and there wil be our future.