C/Extrarradio s/n,
16236 Villagarcía del Llano
Cuenca-España Tlf: 967 48 91 38

For Winery Villagar, the investigation and development are priority, following a line of continuous modernization of the facilities and applying a system of control of the quality of the wine.
From the field up to the wine, our key word is the trazabilidad.

In the field our vine-growers follow a rigorous control of the grape across the Plan of qualit improvement of the grape. With good grape, we will manage to elaborate a good wine.
Then our technical equipment joins their to know to the last technologies to extract the potential maximum of the grapes and to obtain this way the own expression that Villagarcía's terruño of the Plain offers us.
In Warehouses Villagar, not only we are expert vine-growers and makers, but carried away about our work.